Hello my crafty friends!!(hugs)
So sorry for the lack of recent posts.
Don’t know about you, but this summer has been nonstop busy! You know, work, family, graduations,… You know the drill.
But procrastinate no longer! Without further ado, please let me introduce my latest obsession. I have been making magnets like there’s no tomorrow. I don’t know what’s gotten into me! I found a roll of Xyron magnet tape, and I got inspired with my Create-a Critter Cricut cartridge and just started going wild!! I’m sure I’ll start using my other cartridges with magnets at some point, but this cartridge just makes it so easy, because the layers fit together so perfectly!
I don’t know if you’ve experienced this, but some cartridges don’t make it as easy as others when it comes to putting the layers together.Some of the sizes just don’t coordinate with the different layers and you have to experiment to get the sizes to fit together. But this cartridge makes it a snap!! And the critters are just so stinkin” cute!! It’s been addicting!!
So here’s some pics of what I’ve been doing . Most of them, I’ve been cutting out at 3 inches. Please let me know what you think!







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