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Hi !!!
it’s Thursday, and I’m just thinking today about new ways to find new students. Sometimes, in this economy, as a teacher, that can be challenging. I don’t want to keep approaching the same people all the time. In order to introduce new people to the craft, you have to be creative and think out-of-the-box sometimes.
For example, this Sunday I’m going to meet an activities director at a nursing home. She told me that some of her residents have wanted to make cards for anniversaries, their grandchildren’s birthday, et cetera. So I’m going to meet her on Sunday afternoon and show her some samples of cards. And propose a card making class once a month.
I am also approaching an activities director at the country club. These are some things that I would never would have thought of in the past. I would love to hear about how other people market their services /classes in different ways. Care to share?


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  1. That’s a great idea! I’ve taught at nursing homes in the past. Just be sure you have very basic projects, and you’ll have all sorts of new friends! They will count the days until you are back for the next class! Another thing I’ve done to get customers AND students, is provide a ‘program’ (basically a make and take) for sorority groups, TOPS groups (take off pounds sensibly), Gated retirement communities, etc. I also offer a free class to any of my regular students that bring a new paying student to the next class. Hope that helps!!! Hugs…

    • Thanks Patti,
      That’s great advice! I honestly never considered sorority groups or weight loss groups. Come to think of it,why not? These are very social groups and have lot’s of events and social gatherings.
      Thanks for the suggestions!! By the way,Iove your blog!
      You are very talented and creative!:)

    • Hi Patti, Just curious, what you charge for a two hour class if you are providing all of the materials? P.S. I really enjoyed your blog. I love the little black dress card. Very creative!!

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