New Cards


Usually I am a scrapbooker Love doing layouts! Love making albums and altered art! I rarely have time to sit down and make cards!!
Although I know practicality should preside, and I should make cards when I have my scrapbooking things out on the table already! But I always forget, or I run out of time.
But I promised myself that I would force myself to try making more cars this year! And what I have discovered is that I really love it! and the bonus benefit, is that I use a lot more of my materials! Like my stamps and ink for instance!
Just wanted to share a few of my latest projects with you. Hope you enjoy! And I hope I have inspired you to try something new today!









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  1. Your road trip card made me think. I have a stamp set from this Spring/Summer Idea book 2012 from Close to My Heart that is for vacation/road trip. It has the U.S. outline stamp and a bunch of other little cool stamps to go with it. You should check it out. It is way cute. Darn now I sound like I am pushing my product on you. So not trying to do that. Just that card is so cute and made me think of the stamp set.

    • No worries! I didn’t think that.Actually, this card was just my attempt at using some supplies that I’ve had forever and I haven’t done anything with. The hot air balloon was a transparency, and I used Stickles to go over to design to give it bling .

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      • Stickles? Is that a brand or something? I don’t get to go to the craft stores often and when I do it isn’t to look around. I have to get what I need and get out. My husband says I check my brain at the door. LOL. What are they exactly though.

      • Stickles is actually a really cool product. It comes in a variety of colors. What it is really, is glitter in a tube. But it has a precision tip, so does not come out in globs. It is wonderful if you want to use just a bit of bling.

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