Getting Real-the day of reckoning


Okay ladies! I’m going to be very candid here. I stepped on the scale today, and I was not very happy. I hope you all can relate. Scrapbooking has consumed my life. To the point where I eat breathe and sleep Scrapbooking and Papercrafts.
I was doing very well on my diet,and had actually lost a considerable amount of weight. And then I started my scrapbooking business. And I started promoting. And I started using Pinterest and LinkedIn. And I neglected my workouts, I neglected my housekeeping, I neglected everything!
So now I’m having a day of reckoning. I realize that if I put all of this positive energy into my workouts and the rest of my life, I might just lose this weight again.
So I’m going to be introduced myself to my Pexercise and my Peadmill.
And since Scrapbooking seems to be my highest motivation, I’m going to use that as positive momentum to reach my weight goals. Every time I lose 10 pounds, I will buy myself a cricut cartridge. Or something else really cool on my WishList.
So can I get an amen sister’s? Anyone with me? I’m going to track my progress on this blog, along with my usual entries, to hold myself accountable. So Tata for now! I’m going to work out! (pumping fists on the air: cue the theme from Rocky)


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  1. That is wonderful. I am right there with ya. I have been working on loosing weight for so long now and had no success so I had the lap band put in and between the hospital district where I live and the doctor not doing what they promised they would I only lost 35 pounds and still have 150 to go. Basically the band hasn’t done anything for me because things haven’t gone right for me from the start. So I am going to follow your lead and track my stuff too and we can do this together.

  2. Are you kidding me~your blog is adorable!!!! I had been to your blog before and couldn’t figure out how to follow. I just hit the black follow button:):). I read your post really hit home. All I think about is creating~ Kimberely your blog is darling!!! especially your blog header , love it!!!

  3. Love your blog. I can totally relate to what you are saying. I don’t currently have a blog. I will have to make a greater effort to get it done.

  4. This is a really novel weight loss idea! I’m going to give this some thought. I could stand to lose 30-40 pounds myself. I never thought of using my obsession with papercrafting as motivation. Yay you from coming up with this!

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