On the right track


Just checking in! Just to let you know that I am on the right track with my weight loss journey and exercise routine.
What seems to be working for me, is that I’m not calling this a diet. diets never worked for me. I’m not really good with somebody telling me I can’t have something. When somebody tells me this is off-limits, that’s exactly what I crave! So diets are a no-no.
So for the record, I’m just watching what I eat.
Now for the good news. I have logged 16 miles on my treadmill since Saturday. That translates into five hours of scrapbooking over the Memorial Day long weekend I have earned.
Yayyyyyyyy me!!!!
And the very best part of this whole idea, is that I have made new friends and have motivated kindred spirits in craftiness to get on board with me!
See? All we needed was the right motivation! Who wouldn’t get on the treadmill for new criicut cartridge?
Even for those of you lucky people who don’t need to lose weight, walking is good for you! And it is a wonderful time to get your creative juices flowing and think about your next project! So let’s get moving girls!!!
Here is my second motivating factor. I hope to go to Key West or Marco Island in September. Two of myfavorite places to vacation on the beach. So I am getting ready to be able to wear a nice bathing suit this year!



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  1. Vicki great work on your mind set in eating right. You are on the right track of not calling it a diet. I recently lost 80+ pounds and I am maintianing. Glad you have found my new blog for buying handmade crafts. I am a believer in the movement and will continue to help the Artisit and Craft Professionals. At Craftshowcase.net we have a lot more to come we are not just a website. We believe in small business which is what all the Artist and Craft Professionals are. Love the scrapbooking and Key West is my husbands favorite place we went there on our 20th Anniversary. We just hit 25 years and we are going to Europe for two weeks with our children. Let me know if I can help you in any ways. Diet or listing your items on the site.

    Chris Gresh

  2. Hey Kim I went to the doc last week. I am down 11 pounds! I have been walking and drinking protein drinks for breakfast everyday and I got swimming twice a week. Looks like it’s working. How is it coming along for you?

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