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New Easter Cards


In a rush just now. Just enough time for a quick share of my Easter cards I made last week. Hope you enjoy!







UTEE!! Holy cow! How am I always last to know these things?!!!


So it’s been forever since I’ve added a post! Please forgive me!
Anywho, I have been experimenting like a mad scientist! I was watching YouTube, as I often do, to get inspiration. I am pretty new to embossing. Just got an embossing heat tool and some powder for Christmas. So, long story short, I have been spending lots and lots of money. I won’t say how much, to protect the innocent. Let’s just say lots!, On puffy stickers. You know, the ones that are three-dimensional and glossy.
Anyway, so I’m watching YouTube, and I see a demonstrator using UTEE that’s Ultra thick embossing enamel. Well I’ve seen it used before, but not like this!
Turns out, if you put enough coats on anything, let’s just say a plain old sticker, it will eventually puff up and look like one of these expensive
3-D stickers! Well I did not know this!! This must be a very well-kept secret in the scrapbooking world. But needless to say, my thrifty friends, this can open up a whole new world of possibilities!
So off I went to Michael’s! And once there, I looked in the dollar bin and what should I see, but these darling packets of stickers that were only a dollar per book. Well my heart sang out with joy and the clouds opened up and the angels started singing!!! LOL
Well I bought every style that they had. I spent about $10. And got a lifetime worth of puffy stickers. You see my friends, now that I knew this secret, I can turn anything into a sticker! A puffy sticker! A sticker that I would have probably spent five dollars per package for! Can I get a whoop whoop!! Can I get an amen sister??
So with a little help from my new friend UTEE,I am now spending countless hours turning all of the chipboard that I never used, stickers that I never used, and anything else that I never used, and turning it puffy and sparkly! Woohoo! This is big fun if you have not already tried it!! I’m getting giddy thinking about all of the money I can spend on other things, now that I will not be spending it on puffy stickers!
So I’m including a few before and after pictures, so you can see what I mean! And also a few pictures of some recent cards that I’ve made!
I hope I’ve inspired you, and given you some ideas to create with!
Please drop me a note, and let me know that you stopped by! And please come back again! Thanks for visiting!😄❤






Christmas Cards and latest projects


One day a few months ago, I decided that I was going to make all the plans Christmas cards and all of my Christmas gifts.
Thinking back, I’m pretty sure I had too much coffee on the day that I decided this. Very ambitious of me, don’t you think?
Anyhow, I have been very busy getting this accomplished, With the ultimate goal being that I have everything, and I mean everything completed two weeks prior to Christmas. This way I can relax and enjoy my family and seasons festivities with no stress . Let us not mention all of the stress before the holiday that this project has invoked.LOL, just kidding. It is a labor of love, and I’m having fun nonetheless.
So without further ado, here are the projects. Or at least the ones that I have done so far.