New Easter Cards


In a rush just now. Just enough time for a quick share of my Easter cards I made last week. Hope you enjoy!







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  1. I don’t know if you remember me but we had discussed traded Halloween cards once. I haven’t posted in some months. Have had a lot of issues happening. Anyway am trying to get myself back on here and back into crafting. Just wanted to stop by and say hey. Beautiful Easter cards. Am hoping to make some Father’s Day cards soon. If I do I will post them. Hope to hear from Ya Terra

    • Hi Terra! Of course I remember you! How are you? Looks like you been making up for lost time! My, you have been busy! You’re in my prayers, and I hope whatever issues have kept you away from crafting have all resolved themselves, because you are too talented, not to be doing this more often! Thank you for sharing your work! I love all of your pictures! And I love the colors! Keep up the great work! And keep in touch! Thanks for reaching out! Yes, are you in Lincoln now? I’m in the Scrapbooking group and the card making group! It’s a great group of ladies! If you’re not already in it, please join! We can keep in touch that way too! Talk to you soon, Kimberly Sent from my iPhone

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